Technology predictions for 2011


Tue December 28, 2010
Mark Anderson Commentary

Technology predictions for 2011

Mark Anderson and Sharon Anderson Morris test drive a Tesla Roadster
Strategic News Service

2011 should be a great year for electric cars, e-books, netbooks, and Netflix. 

Strategic News Service publisher Mark Anderson shares his New Year's predictions with KPLU’s Dave Meyer.

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Mark is predicting:

  • Netbooks will continue to be the fasting growing segment of the PC world.
  • E-books will go mainstream, with more of us reading books on e-readers, pads, netbooks and other devices.
  • Cable and satellite TV will lose ground to IPTV as more of us stream movies and TV shows from the Internet via Netflix and other services.
  • Apple's iTunes will continue to dominate digital music distribution but face serious competition for video.
  • Electric cars will make the transition from novelty item to an accepted form of transportation.  Expect to find charging stations up and down I-5 to power these new vehicles.

Mark will post more predictions for 2011 on his blog, A Bright Fire.